Monday, July 31, 2006

Ok pictures are getting hung on the walls and lost things are being found. But the best lost thing to be found is the love Hubby and I have been batting back and forth the last few months. A few days ago it past the four month mark of Hubby rejoining our crazy family. The day went by with nothing special. It did not dawn on me till way later that it has been four months since Hubby was freed from the crap of being overseas and back to the real world.

How can four months go by so fast?? That is 16 weeks or 112 days or 2688 hours or 161280 minutes. Take your pick. In that time period we had Sweetness turn 9, Baby turn 1 and Big Man turn 15. WOW!!!! And we also found each other again.

Don't get me wrong we have had a few rough spots but nothing God and prayer did not get us through. I am still battling through a few things and relearning to be a wife once again. It really is not easy to go back to being a half of a couple after being single for so long and that was being half of a couple for over 11 years. And durning the time of having a "computer husband" I almost left him. For many reasons. I can honestly say I was not thinking of leaving because of the job he was doing over there or him being gone. I was thinking it because of the hurt that was doled out and not knowing what the future held for us. God is so good and faithful to remind us of our blessings and the work He has done in our lives and for us. God has blessed me with a truly great man. Hubby is my heart once again.

I never knew if I could ever say or think that again. I found out not to long ago that I was hubby's heart once again also. I asked for a love letter and boy did I get a love letter. I was told things that opened my eyes to what a real marriage is like. And believe me it is nothing like the books or movies. It is way easier and a lot more simple than that. All true real lasting love is an appreciation for one another and what each person brings to the table. That is it. But both Hubby and I have learned that without God in the mix it is impossible to achieve that true love. Add God and let God lead your marriage then it is simple.

So simple yet so hard to do at times. It has not been until recently that I learned to let God in and let go. It was a hard lesson. Hubby and I are plugging along together because of that I believe. Man God is so good.

Ok I am off to bed before I babble any longer. Good night to all and God bless.

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