Thursday, August 10, 2006

Aug 5, 2006

Today we are heading into Reno for drill. It has been a very long few days. We left home on Thrus afternoon and arrived in Vegas Friday evening. The Kiddos did an awesome job of just riding and getting along. Hubby and I drove all night Friday night after spending sometime with friends of ours from Vegas. The Kiddos were picked up with no problems and as far as I know they are all doing well. No one called to say the little ones were giving them trouble. I am sure they were just happy to be out of the truck.

Hubby and I are enjoying being together. We actually have made this trip with no fighting. The bickering is a standard. That is what we are made for. LOL Hubby is awesome. I love the fact that he is always there and wanting to be a part of our lives. I am still in the mode of thanking him for coming back home to us and just taking care of us again.

This all for now. I will write more when I have had some good sleep. I have not stretched out on a bed since Thrus night. I am looking forward to our $28 room tonight. It even has a coffee maker. YUMMY!!!!!!!! COFFEE COFFEE!!!! I am a coffe feind now. I wonder if one day I will be a coffee snobÂ…Â…Â… things to make you say hmmmmmmmmmmm????? J

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