Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tonight is Meet the Teacher night. I had to go by the school today to clear something up and saw the sign for tonight. I am so glad I drove by so I will have a clue. It will be nice for the Kiddos to meet their teachers.

Finished getting Big Man signed up for school today too. He will receive his class schedule on Monday morning. He says he is looking forward to school. We will see how long that last. Maybe it will and maybe it won't. We will see in a few weeks.

We drove into town last night around 4:30pm took showers and headed off to church. I was exhausted. Hubby headed into work today after sleeping in our own bed for the first time in 6 days. He sounds as if he is doing good.

As for the trip I am glad it is over. It was a good to see everyone and put faces to names Hubby had talked about for a year. Some you could see the butt headness falling off of them.

Oh well alls well that ends well. We are now looking for a new unit. The unit he could marry up with is full to the brim with E6s and 7s. So he is looking at options of using one of his other MOS's. Hopefully something will work out soon.

Oh well!! I am off to get Hubby something to snack on so we can get outta here.

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