Saturday, September 09, 2006

So the top pic is of how the Bully wants to potty train himself. He will not wear any underwear or diapers. We even went for a walk this morning and he wore underwear and had no accident. But once we returned home it was not a battle worth fighting. If this is the way to get my Kiddo outta diapers then I am game. No worries from me on this. In the long run it will be less money for me each payday. :)

The next pic is of the Baby grinning away. I could not pass this one up. He is so proud to be wearing Daddy's BDU boonie cap. Plus he is just adorable in his own right. He took a digger two Friday's ago and had to have about 20 stiches total put intohis head. He slpit it wide open falling off the porch steps. Of course he was fine once we took the towel off I used to stop the bleeding. Then he was walking around the ER waiting room asking what things were and watching some cartoons. He even fell asleep getting his stiches in. Now taking them out he was wide awake and in no pain so he screamed the whole time. He looks awesome now.

Well Hubby is on his way home from his first drill weekend with his new unit. He is asst Platton Sgt. That is a cool thing. He said he liked the guys he is dealing with so far. His platoon Sgtrocks so far. Only time will tell. If Hubby has to go back into battle again I want it with a better unit than the last time. Plus I would like to get to know these guys too so I will know first hand what type of men he is dealing with. So I am off to fix his supper and make the house and kids ready for him. Well me too. I like doing things for him but I have come to reliaze that they are also for me. That is a whole other post. LOL Night all.

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SC Eagle said...

This is SCEagle...
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet someone who's connected to my time in the 'Stan.
I am actually humbled that my lil' blog was hitting close to home for you while he was gone. Never thought of it like that...

I hope all is well with y'all's new unit in Texas.

Five kids... whew! How do you do it?!

if you wish to email, it's sceagle1118 at yahoo dot com.