Monday, October 16, 2006

It has been a very hectic month so far. Between the Baby getting sick and the rest of the kids it has been wild. I have been facing a few things and it has made life really tough for me. It rained today and was very nice and cool this morning but by mid afternoon it warmed up a lot. I thought this was fall and cool down time. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.

Hubby has been home for over 6 month's now and we are starting to have some issues and I am having a hard time with not having total control of everything. We are supposed to be calling a counselor and setting something up. I have been putting it off but I think it has come down to the wire. How come you never really hear what it is like 6 or so much down the line. So many different problems arise. It is like the honeymoon is over and life rears it ugly head. Don't get me wrong I love having hubby home. It is just way harder being a couple after a deployment. Maybe it is just me I am not sure. We will see.

I am off to get kiddos ready for bed and school tomorrow.

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