Saturday, October 28, 2006

I still have no clue what is going on with me. The blood test all came back normal and I have to see a dietician at the end of November. I got the feeling the Doc thinks I am eating myself to fatness. My legs hurt so bad and I can not work out. I can still walk but not like I did before. This is driving me nuts. Am I going to end up in the hospital before any one really takes me sersiously. Hubby and kiddos have been great about everything. Last Sat I was in bed almost all afternoon with a horrible headache and just feeling down right sick. Still nothing has made me feel better. Hubby says to take something for the headache but it just does not go away. I am near tears almost Dailey.

I pray against things and have repented of things I have not done but wanted to be sure. I have broken every curse I could think of and still I feel worse each day. I know prayer works and I have seen it myself. I have been healed of a tiny hole in my heart so I know prayer works. I have even had my Pastor pray for me and yet I am still here. I am so bummed about it. I still drag myself out of bed each day get dressed and do what I can. But it is al I can do to get the kiddos to school and keep up with the dishes or laundry. If I do one chore I can't do anything else.

Anyway I am off to get some puppy things. Hubby brought me home a Beagle and Basset Hound mix puppy last night. She is so cute and cuddly. The kids love here and they have spoiled her so much. I will post some pics later.

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