Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well I saw the lung doc today. Nothing wrong with my lungs just had to see him to get a sleep study ordered for me. It will be not to far from home and will be done by 6 am. That way I can be home in time for Hubby to get to work and the kiddos off to school. I feel as if I am beginning to waste my time.

I have not gained or lost weight in 3 weeks and I am feeling alot better. Hubby asked our Pastor to pray for me and he did and the next day I began to feel better. Prayer is awesome. Just still really hurting when I walk to much or I have sat or laid down to long. My headache is still here. He has become my friend. LOL

The kiddos have been a huge help with this and helping me out. Some days are better and some are not. So I am going to go make some dinner to tell them thanks.

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