Saturday, November 11, 2006

As this day draws to an end I can not tell my Hubby how thankful I am that he has served his country well and with pride. My heart is so full of love and respect for him that it is close to exploding.

As I say this we are thinking of going to Active Duty. My wonderful Hubby has been at his best only when he was active. I am standing next to him no matter what he decides to do. I am also very for it. The stress relief it would is worth it to me. Stress relief in knowing my dear wonderful Hubby is satisfied at his life's work. And also the Kiddos will have medical coverage and the chance to see the world.

Buddy Lee thought Daddy was leaving soon and not going to be home this Christmas so he had a melt down. Sweetness was not to cool with the moving part. Big Man was ok with it. He was the one I thought would have a hard time with the idea of having to move since he is a Freshman in High School and finally getting the groove of learning and loving it.

Only time will tell where we go and when we will go. Hubby has been in prayer for this and feels as if this the right way to go. We will be talking to Pastor tomorrow about it. Getting some spiritual guidance is way cool.

Good night all. I am off to bed to sleep and get ready for church tomorrow. Hopefully we can make it on time.

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