Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well I went out and got a job. I am excited about it but at the same time I am so upset about having to go back to work before Baby Boy is in school. When he went off to school all day I wanted to start my own business permit running. I love doing it and I was very good at it. I was able to get a seasonal job at Sears on the sales floor. I am just waiting to hear back about my background check and then I can go to orientation and then hit the floor. I am really looking forward to it but on the other hand I am not. Oh well. I will get over it. The kids and Hubby have been great about it. Hubby keeps saying that it is only for a short time and when we are back on our feet I can quit.

Big Man is doing great in school. He has no failing grades. The best part is he really enjoys school. Sweetness is doing great too. We replaced her glasses finally and she is so happy about it. Once already she lost them and I found them on the ground after hubby had run over them. Only one arm was really tweaked and no broken glass. Buddy Lee had an eye appointment on Monday and he is in need of glasses. We got them ordered and they should be in Monday afternoon. I hope. He wants them so bad. I feel kinda bad because I made him wait so long to get an exam. When his sister and I were getting our eyes checked a couple of months ago he was saying then he was having issues seeing. I told him to hang on and we will see. Welll Buddy Lee could only see the TV from a few feet away and noting in the distance. Not even the big old signs in the grocery store. Other than being near sighted he has nothing wrong with his eyes, which is a good thing.

My two little guys are getting along pretty well. I left them with my Pastor’s wife Monday so I could put some apps in and they both went to sleep. They had no issues being with her. I am so glad they felt comfortable with her.

I am off to cook dinner and get ready for bible study. Hopefully Someone will step up and take the boys for me. Hope everyone has a awesome Thanksgiving.

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