Sunday, November 26, 2006

I go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am kinda excited about it but then again I am still having a hard time dealing with the fact I will not be home in the evenings to help with homework, bathes, dinner and bedtime. I feel and think this way because of Proverbs 31. It talks about what a good woman is and does. She takes care of her family and provides with what she has. I feel as if I have not done that. I know Hubby is working his little butt off an there is only so much a family can do with him getting 32 hours or less a week. He works everyday but never 8 hours anymore. Hubby and I were talking this afternoon while playing cribbage and I was telling him how I felt and he has been very supportive all the way. He is still looking for another job and trying his best. Hubby also has told me he feels he has let us down because of the nature of his job. Anyway we both came to the agreement that life has happened and if this goes permament then good and if not then great. We both have ben praying and talking to God about this. We are both trying to stay in God's will and please Him. It has been rough but boy am I glad we are doing this with one mind this time around.

The Kiddos have been great. Sweetness is having a hard time with the thought of me being gone.I know she will be fine but it still is rough on her. Well my peace has just flown out the door and the boys are whining. Time for me to get them ready for bed and me to bed. I am going to try and be ready to go before they wake up so all I have to do iswalk out the door on time and not be stressing to much.

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