Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I should be asleep. Really sleeping good by now but I am not. I still have a shower to take and last minute things to clean up and put away for the few days we will be gone. I did get almost all of it done but I need to be in bed soon. I will be home soon. I am off to see my Mommy this week. Just for a day but enough to get my fix and finish the summer.

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kbug said...

Hope you had a great trip to your mom's. I read your previous post about yelling at your kids...with five, I'm not surprised. A friend of mine still teases me about how when I only had one son, she never heard a word from her mother's house across the street. After the second son came, she occasionally could hear me yell at them when the windows were open. But after the third son came, she could hear me yelling at them with all the windows and doors shut.....hahaha. Gotta love your friends..... :) Oh, but don't worry...they all grew up without too much damage...and I'm talking about damage to