Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We made it home. The Boys were good and did not fuss to much. They were bored without Sweetness to entertain them. We hung in there and made the drive in 12 hours once again. With only two long stops. Once at WalMart for some lunch items and then again at a wonderful rest area on 289. It had a play area and nice clean restrooms. No smelly one with no doors.

I came home to find Big Man's birthday present had arrived. A day after we left. :( It is a Razr phone I found on EBay for under a 100 bucks. It is nice. To wide for me but it is what he wants. I also got my book Project Everlasting. I have yet to start it but it does look good. Maybe one day while I have no Kiddos I will be able to read at least a portion of it.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck getting your reading done. You might be a member of the Project Everlasting group by the time you read through the book! :D

Claire said...

I am going to have to find out what this "Project Everlasting" is. I haven't heard of it. Good luck getting some down time to read. It is so nice to get to put your nose in a book long enough to read a sentence without a little one jumping, pulling, tugging or wiping something on you! I swear there is a special place somewhere in this universe for tired moms! I just haven't found it yet, but when I do you will be the first one I tell. :)

nationalguardwife said...

Clair go t It is a book by two single guys who interviewed couples that were married for 40+ years. I have been able to read it late at night and it is wonderful.