Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Information overload is where I am at now. I ove my Enlish an MAth instructors. They are friendly, outgoing and very informative. Good thins to have. I am reserving judgement on my Psyc class. I do know I will have a good time with a couple of students but the teacher will be another story. My reading course is online so I do not have to much inter action with that instuctor.

The Kios started yesterday. Big Man was sined up in a Honors Chemisty class. He oes love science but the fact is he sucks at math. (We are taking the same math class.) He did not pass algebrea last year or in summer school so why put him in a class that requires a great eal of math? We are trying to get him out of that. I want for Big Man to only suceed so I am refusing to set him up for failure. The rest of the courses are fine. He has a 90 minute block for algebrea to help him. He had the same teacher last year so he is excited and ready to learn.

Sweetness has about four friends in her class from last year. She is excited about this year. She has already signed up to help with Muffins with Mom and some other fuction they will be doing this year. I am very proud of her for being excited to be back in school and wanting to learn.

Buddy Lee did ok. It was only the first day. I am sure we will be having some talks soon. Just from the way he is with some aspects of his attitude towards some subjects. He is going to be off the charts with reading again. I just hope he does better with his writing and answering written questions. He can do it on the computer but gives us a hard time when he has to write things out. I guess that what happens when he has two computer geeks for parents.

The Boys id ok with the Big Kiddos at school yesterday. Next week will be a different story I think when Hubby heads back to work. We will see what happens. I enjoyed the semi quiet yesterdy. I have to study about 2 to 3 hours min everyday and the morning after everyone is off is perfect so far. I gather all my supplies (coffee included) climb up onto my bed and have at it. My music blaring in my ears and no wories in the world. At least for those few hours. It feels good to be geting back into a routine. I am feeling more self assured and confindent I can do this.

I am off to shower now and tackle the never ending mound of laundry. Hope everyone has a most awesome and blessed day.

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Claire said...

Some of the craziest professors I ever had in college were Psych profs! I am not kidding -- I swear some of them had some serious issues! :p