Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spin class on steriods is what I did today for part of my cardio. My butt hurts. The stupid seats are not made for fat and oversized butts. I will find out tomorrow if it helped with the weight loss. I hope so. I do know that I can wear my wedding band again and that is a big improvement for me. I did not measure tonight so I will do that tomorrow after I settle down for the evening.

We only have a few more days before we head out to watch Hubby graduate and bring him home before he has to check in to whatever unit he will be assigned too. He is out in the feild and not really loving it. He does like blowing things up tho so he is happy to do that. LOL


Butterfly Wife said...

I remember those Spinning seats. Not much fun.

Good luck with the workout. I hope it helps you sleep a bit better. Take care.

Reasa said...

It has helped me to sleep about an hour or two more a night. I still wake to every noise but I am in bed before midnight most of the week now I am loving that part.

Nicole said...

Trust me those seats aren't nice to anyone. I think it's so you're more inclined to stand up with riding like they want you to do...But that's HARD!

Good Luck with the work out!